'Bog' the hog by Sandra Duckworth

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'Bog' the hog by Sandra Duckworth Empty 'Bog' the hog by Sandra Duckworth

Post  The Hedgehog Lady on Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:33 pm

I got a call the other day -
This lady sounded in dismay.
“There’s a hedgehog down my outside loo,
Oh what am I supposed to do”?

I dashed to where the hog was stuck,
To find him alive was a bit of luck.
For quite a while he must have been in,
He was freezing cold and ever so thin.

This hog was in a terrible mess,
On his ‘last legs’ more or less.
But with odds against him living few,
This little hedgehog – he pulled through!

He soon began to put on weight,
This adventure nearly sealed his fate.
So Bog the hog survived this fall,
But a lesson should be learned by all.

If you possess an outside loo,
Please put the lid down when you’re through!
The Hedgehog Lady
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