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Hog cam is here! Empty Hog cam is here!

Post  The Hedgehog Lady on Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:01 pm

It has taken a while to set up and with many hiccups along the way, but now finally the hospital unit is ‘live 24/7’ on the internet. We have installed four webcams—two locked off to show the viewer inside the hospital unit and two more hopefully showing the occupants in the incubators.

It hasn’t been an easy thing to do. Our priority was that we did not disturb our nocturnal patients. But on the other hand the viewer needed to being able to see them. With this in mind, we installed light-sensitive webcams together with low level lighting. This gives the viewer the impression that the hospital unit and incubators are in bright light, when in actual fact there is only one 7watt low energy light on when it is dark which does not disturb the hedgehogs at all.

To view simply go to the website at www.hedgehogcare.co.uk and click on Hog Cam in the menu bar. Happy viewing!

Please note: there may be times when either of the incubator webcams are not always available depending on the hedgehog's progress.
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