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A ballooning hedgehog Empty A ballooning hedgehog

Post  The Hedgehog Lady on Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:25 am

Are there any other carers out there that has had something similar to this.

I have a female amputee hedgehog, the operation carried out around 6/7 weeks ago. The operation site has healed up nicely now with no infection, and all stitches are out. Was given Noraclav as a precaution post op. Three weeks after the op I started to notice swelling around the op site running from behind the ear, down the whole side and around the back leg. She was put on two antibiotics together, Noraclav and Stomorgyl which had little or no effect.

I took her back to the Vets this week. She was X-rayed but nil found. No air under the skin and no fluid either. They also tried aspirating the site but there was nothing there to aspirate. The Vet has now drawn a complete blank as to what could be causing the swelling, which is now sufficient to stop her from rolling up. It's now a waiting game to see if the swelling goes down of it's own accord. This is not 'Balloon Syndrome'. Has anyone else had experience of this with an amputee and if so, what treatment was given and did it work? I have had many amputees over the years but never had one like this.
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