Drunk Hedgehog Rescued in Devon

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Drunk Hedgehog Rescued in Devon Empty Drunk Hedgehog Rescued in Devon

Post  Mythril on Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:22 pm

A hedgehog has been treated in an animal hospital after getting drunk on fermenting apples in an orchard, Will and Guy have the latest on this funny hedgehog story. The animal was discovered lying on its back and squealing last week and was helped by local wildlife rescue expert Ann McCormack at "The Prickly Ball Hedgehog Hospital" in South Devon. No we have not made this up!

Ms McCormack said, 'They had placed it in a guinea pig cage and it kept going round in circles. The hedgehog kept falling over and was on its back with its legs up in the air for most of the time. It was legless. This is definitely the first drunk hedgehog I have found. The next morning I came in and turned the light on and she squealed really loudly. She obviously still had a big headache.'

The hedgehog, interestingly named Tipsy, will be fed up to a healthy weight of 600g before being released back into the wild in the spring.

Source: http://www.guy-sports.com/humor/pictures/picture_hedgehogs.htm

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