Need emergency help for a sick or injured hedgehog?

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Need emergency help for a sick or injured hedgehog? Empty Need emergency help for a sick or injured hedgehog?

Post  The Hedgehog Lady on Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:11 pm

If you find a hedgehog that you think may need help, please contact us as soon as possible. In the meantime, there are several things you can do to help the hedgehog until it can be brought to the Hospital.

1. Even in the summer months, it is important to keep a sick or injured hedgehog warm. If possible, fill a hot water bottle with warm (not hot) water and wrap a towel around it. Place the hedgehog in a high sided box (to stop your casualty escaping) with the hot water bottle. Cover with a towel / blanket.

2. Keep the hedgehog somewhere quiet, preferably indoors where flies cannot get at it and where it will not be disturbed by children or pets. Any handling or noise will cause the hedgehog stress and stress alone can kill.

3. If you see fly eggs on the hedgehog (these look like small grains of rice) it will be helpful if you can remove them as they will quickly hatch into maggots. They can be removed by picking off with tweezers.

4. If you notice that the hedgehog has fleas, please do not treat them yourself with regular cat / dog flea spray as these can be very harmful to hedgehogs. The fleas will stay on the hedgehog as they are “host specific”. They will not live on you or your pets. They can be dealt with at the Hospital.

5. If you notice the hedgehog has ticks on it please do not attempt to pull them off. If they are not removed correctly and the mouthpart of the tick is left in it will cause an infection. Instead, you could apply vegetable oil / olive oil to the tick and this will make it drop off.

6. Do not attempt to feed the hedgehog as this may interfere with any treatment that it may need at the Hospital. For example, it may have a digestive infection or enteritis in which case food will make the condition worse. Offer only water and PLEASE NO MILK.

If you think the hedgehog’s condition is very serious or life threatening and you are unable to contact the Hospital, please take the hedgehog to a vet as soon as you can and give them the telephone number of the Hospital so that they can contact us.
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