Slick's slippery ordeal! by Sandra Duckworth

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Slick's slippery ordeal! by Sandra Duckworth Empty Slick's slippery ordeal! by Sandra Duckworth

Post  The Hedgehog Lady on Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:14 pm

Over the years there’s been much to see,
Now nothing really suprises me.
So one day when I heard this load roar,
I thought to myself – here we go – one more!

A motorbike suddenly appeared on my drive,
A leather-clad ‘Hell’s Angel’ was astride.
“What now”? I thought as I opened the door,
To a big burly bloke around six foot four.

He took off his helmet and to my suprise,
There were tears welling up in his eyes.
He unzipped his jacket and had a fumble,
And proceeded to hand me this little bundle.

“I was doing an oil change” he started to say,
I opened the wrappings and to my dismay,
An oil-covered hedgehog was curled up inside,
“The poor little things fallen in” he cried.

“I’d left some old oil in a tin on the floor,
I got a right shock when I opened the door.
That will teach me in future to clear stuff away,
Instead of leaving it ‘til the following day”.

He’d been swimming around and couldn’t get out,
Probably been in it all night, no doubt.
I looked at this hog in a real sorry mess,
It’s prospects looked bleak though I had to confess.

“Don’t worry” I said, “I will give it a try”,
“I feel awful” he said, still a tear in his eye.
“Here’s a fiver” he said, “please just do what you can”,
So it was off for the Fairy Liquid I ran.

It took me forever to get him cleaned up,
In a warm incubator he was then tucked.
He was really quite poorly – it was touch and go,
But soon a slight improvement he’d show.

So ‘Slick’ had been saved from a very sticky end,
And pleased to say he is now on the mend.
So not all ‘Hell’s Angels’ are hard and tough,
He was just a big softie right enough!
Very Happy
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