The Baby Boom! by Sandra Duckworth

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The Baby Boom! by Sandra Duckworth Empty The Baby Boom! by Sandra Duckworth

Post  The Hedgehog Lady on Fri Oct 07, 2011 2:52 am

This time of year we always tend to get a steady stream
Of baby hedgehogs brought to us, but this year’s been extreme.
Each Spring we try to be prepared for endless baby feeds,
With round the clock attention and to deal with all their needs.

But this year it has been full on with one after another,
From new born ones to a few weeks old, all having lost their mother.
So we’d like to introduce you to a few of these little hogs,
Some of them little angels and some are little sods!

Take ‘Stroppy’ for example, who lives up to his name,
He huffs and puffs with attitude, even now he’s just the same!
Then ‘Bert’ arrived from Lancaster, who wasn’t very well,
But a big improvement has been seen, we’re very pleased to tell.

Tiny ‘Drizzle’ was next to arrive, found icy cold and wet,
Out alone in all the rain, brought from the local Vet.
After much intensive care and warmth, she’s doing very well
And should make a full recovery, as far as we can tell.

Then three babies all at once, again in such a state,
Their mother too, just skin and bone, for her it was too late.
It’s touch and go with these three, they’ve had their up’s and down’s,
But fingers crossed they will pull through, at least they’re safe and sound.

A week old baby then arrived, found down a country lane,
A grumpy, prickly character, that’s how ‘Puffball’ got his name.
‘Preston’ and ‘Pipsqueak’ followed, two more found out alone,
Two very ‘vocal’ hedgehogs emitting loud, ear-piercing tones.

But none as loud as ‘Declan’, we found to our dismay,
How a tiny hedgehog makes such a noise it’s really hard to say.
Never in all the years and years of doing what I do,
Has any other hedgehog caused such a hullabaloo.

Another baby called ‘Tennyson’ found on a ladies drive,
Squealing and no sign of Mum, picked up and brought inside.
A phone call to us late one night, she sounded quite upset,
We had no choice but collect him, and give him a quick check.

Each has their own personality and funny little ways,
Which makes this job so interesting, and fills up all my days.
The best bit of the job by far, though I hardly see my bed,
And particularly since my accident, all standing on one leg!

So this is just a few of the many babies coming in,
A very expensive time indeed with milk £6 a tin!
So if you think that you could help in any way at all,
Please just phone and let us know, we’d love to get your call.

A lot of people mock our work, but we all really need to care,
As numbers they are dwindling fast, soon no hedgehogs will be there.
So please show some compassion, and help us if you could,
So these beautiful little creatures don’t disappear for good.
The Hedgehog Lady
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