New cameras and why visits to the Rescue Centre are no longer allowed

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New cameras and why visits to the Rescue Centre are no longer allowed Empty New cameras and why visits to the Rescue Centre are no longer allowed

Post  The Hedgehog Lady on Mon May 10, 2010 6:56 am

For a while now, we have placed strict limits on the numbers of people wanting to visit the Hospital Unit. We get many requests from people wanting to visit and see the hedgehogs, but we have now taken the decision not to allow this any more. We must put the welfare of the animals in our care first and foremost, and in order to aid their recovery we must keep noise and stress levels down at all times. We are caring for sick, frightened wild animals who are also nocturnal, which is something people tend to forget. It is totally different from visiting a cattery or kennels where the 'inmates' positively crave your attention and are not stressed out by your presence.

This is one of the main reasons why we have installed cameras in the hospital unit, so everyone can see the work we do and also get to know some of the rescued sick and injured hedgehogs we have in our care and be able to watch and follow their recovery. And none of this will adversely affect our 'patients' in any way whatsoever.

The network cameras we have installed are now linked to an infra-red light unit which will capture everything on camera without disturbing the hedgehogs, as the hospital unit will be in complete darkness at night. This project has taken many weeks to get right and with many pitfalls along the way, but we have finally got there in the end.

Please - if you would like to help towards the cost that has been involved in installing these cameras for the benefit of the public, we would be ever so grateful. Please donate securely online by clicking on the Paypal button below. Thank you for your support.

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